Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The story behind

it began with instgram actually...

I got addicted to that awesome apps... with my hubby we explore IG everywhere & everytime we had a chance. after a while, I got stunned with a photo of crochet project in IG.
It made me search the tags and really.... really got inspired alot to start my abandoned hobby of crocheting..
So, shortly, I start to use the hook and began new projects.

There's this one lovely guy with IG id : Mattfarci. "hai Matt...!"
He made a granny squares blanket with very cute rainbow color scheme that really made me fall in love.
from the second i saw his creation, I said to my self: I'll make it !

soon I started to scroll his blog with Dennis and got more amazed.
untill I decide to make this blog, because I want to have a very nice & colorful blog just like matt & dennis.
want to be creative even more just like them..

you should cek their blog :
they really good on writing everything down with interesting photo & of course -what I love most- shades of colors. really amazing

from Instagram to crocheting untill a new Blog...
Well, hope this can be a start to a positive result for everything.


  1. What a wonderful post and how lovely to mention us!! Keep up the good work, it's great to inspire people!!! Thanks :-)

    1. Haha... I''m so newborn in writing blogs. I've just reply in other comments.
      Cant believe you actually reply this thread.
      I wonder how your blog canbe followed by so many people, beside the reason that everything you create are truly fascinating of course. I mean technically...
      Says hi to matt...

  2. @dennis: wow cant believe you actually reply. I've goose bumps here. I wonder how can your blog canbe followed by so many people.. Beside all the fascinating post of course. I mean technically spreading the beautiful projects if yours... They really deserve many admirer