Sunday, March 25, 2012

Exploring Baby Jacket

well.... after I'm addicted to crochet, I basically tried everything.
Me & my mother in law tried several pattern beside baby hat.

She's the by-the-book type person, opposite with me the no-pattern type crocheter LOL

but seeing me making everykind of thing, I guess she wanted to make it also. Just like a competition... She made something... I'll follow. I create something, she followed

that time we made a baby jacket when my youngest daughter only 6 months old..

I of course working without pattern.... neither did she, only coz she didnt have crochet book with baby jacket pattern in it. so, she forced herself to made a jacket with long sleeves. And me..?
an easier stuff. baby vest.

I bought very soft & bumpy blue yarns. I even picked a snowy yarn too. But since its very hard to be hooked. I only use it for the collar...
my mother in law choose a cotton yarn. peach & white

here there are...

mine was a basic stich... very simple. back then I dont have the skill & patience for an intermediate stiches.

I'm hoping i'll get other spirit to create a small dress or jacket for my 5 & 2 years old daughters. Ha..ha.... I'll crossed my fingers for it


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