Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adorable Eyes

My youngest daughter...

different from her sister...

look like her father & acting like me..

She has very adorable eyes..
Cant say much... I just love to see these picture..

Crazy for Hooks

ever since I got addicted to crochet,
I always seeking for some supplies to fulfill my aesthetic satisfaction...
yarn, hooks, scissors even needles
If I can find every items in color, I'll pursue them LOL

These stainless steel hooks are the best, technically.
great with every type of yarn, solid & smooth hooking...
unfortunately they comes only in small size, and one color only.....

I'm a very impatient person, of course loving big yarns because they finished faster than thin yarns.

So, I started to hunt for bigger hook for my thick yarns ..

I love colors so much
that I look for the hook with colors, without considering the quality..
After a while on hunting online store, I decide to buy very bright set of hooks..
with I thought cheap price, I ordered 12 hook set with bright colors. made from aluminium.

very nice to look huh?
sadly they didnt really comfortable to use.
the aluminium hooks didnt yarn-friendly after all.
very lightweight I find it hard to pull through with local yarn.
slow me down alot in making my stitches

So, I search for more....

spending much attention on
There are a lot of customize hook, spread all around the world with time about 40-50days shipping.
quite expensive too, considering they are custom & located in halfway around the globe.

So the decision finally went to my favorite yarn shop... Miki Moko
there are view imported fancy hook sets...
I always peek them up in the shelf every time  I went there. Just adoring them

so beautiful from many different brand with randomly expensive price.
Back then I don't think it wise to buy some hooks only for the sake of soul satisfaction...

But Hell I did it after all....

I choose  japan brand with silicon grip. very comfortable to use.. Hamanaka
comes in 10 size & colors!!!
I love them so much I even afraid to use it.

so that's the story of my stacking up hooks.
I love every stick of it all...

I think I may will buy another set of hooks in the future..
I don't know...
As long I still hunger for aesthetic, think I'll pursue for more...

until what I think its enough...
But for sure, now its not enough yet.

These are my priceless treasure for the Me Time


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

baby Shoes Fever

I dont know how it started...

I'm addicted on making baby hats & baby shoes

I think when I try to make a gift set of hat & shoes for kalyla's teacher that was delivered her baby boy last month

since then I was like crazy making every shoes I can think of...

and getting worse, with lots of baby coming up in the next 3 months,
3 baby girl in june, 2 baby boy in july..

ooohh.... lots of chances to create other form & of course lots of colorful yarn..

I'm so thrilled...

Lots of trial & error

Lots of yarn type... Lots of going to the shop ^_^

with lots of my friends & colleages is now pregnant, I'm planning on going to make these adorable small size shoes & hats.

sooo fit me!  the easily bored person haha

Love these project... so cute & fast tobe finished
while my granny blanket are in storage box now..

well, maybe next month I'll get blanket fever, who knows?

after all...
every exploration & every changes of colors keeps me in the good mood...

Lets make some more....!!


I didnt Win...

after a while I didnt get a chance to write about the result from matt & dennis...
all those deadlines are really giving me no time left.  so,  here's my story

I didnt win

but its fun though participating in such a cozy give away...

the other participants are soo creative. especially the winner. of course

haha. congrats to BEV Evans...

he really deserve to win

I'll try to do better next time there's a give away again!!