Sunday, June 24, 2012

simplypenny: Quack, Quak, Quack...!

simplypenny: Quack, Quak, Quack...!: Again.... still curious on creating various type of duck. I tried again this time a mallard duck. great combo between green and brow...

Quack, Quak, Quack...!


still curious on creating various type of duck.
I tried again

this time a mallard duck.
great combo between green and brown! the white accent are amazing.

Really God create very perfect color pallet.

even my little girl are stated that the duck are hers, ha... ha...
mommy will make you another one ameera....
this duck is for uncle ikhsan & al

and again... hope you guys like it


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quack Again!

I'm addicted into duck...

since the yellow duck I've made for ikhsan, I couldnt stop thinking the next duck I'll make

browsing to webpages & stores..

I'm intend to create more ducks...

this one I made last night with the new chunky yarns from London...

turn out very eclectic....
What a duck!

colors galore indeed

hope you like it Al & ikhsan..


My new Yarn from London

Here they are.... !!
New scrummy and pluffy yarn from London

love to see to touch it & very happy to have

it have to fit into a very big box 40x70 cm large!
couldn't fit into my cupboard...

 I bought a very chunky yarns.
Seriously...., really chunky
with view shades of colors
In love with it.

then a soft soft soft merino premium merino wool and really calming pure cotton yarns
they really soft to hug..

 and  then group of happy colors...
bright and shiny mercerise cotton yarns
also big ball of pink shades premium acrylic yarn

sooo happy to see this new yarn

so excited to think what they will end up be??

its lovely just to see them.
soothing view to my eyes...



made this duck on euforia ... LOL

waiting the yarns from London ...

small yarn duck for my duck lover best friend....

my first attempt actually

working without pattern...
trying to imagine a cute duck with feathery scarf because the duck is from London haha

well, turn out quite fine..
Happy with it...

so it wasn't a surprise anymore since I forget to unclick the FB button.
He already saw it before the duck arrive in is hand

hope you guys like it!

Thanks alot for the yarn favor....


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yarn from London

A long time Best friend of mine ..
A crazy gang of best friends is traveling to London Last week...

since we've been best friend for like 14 years... we're very close.

I'm going mad by asked a favor to him to buy me "some" yarns..

Local yarns in Jakarta are limited to average texture..
Meanwhile if I buy imported stuff, the price are really unreasonable..

So, its a luck charm for me when he message me that there's a yarn store near by the hotel he stayed.

Soooo very Excited

When he gave me a link to the store's website.
I was up all night browsing for every yarn they had..
and look at the website all day long the next day.
cant resist to buy all of the yarns in the store

sooo crazy in love with all the yarns...

I order like more than 80 balls!!!

every type they have, from merino wool to handmade cotton yarn from nepal.

they worth over 200 poundsterling ( which I haven't paid yet... Thank you darling ikhsan)

over then 5,000 grams....

unfortunately... the stock was limited. it narrowed down to 40 balls

well... sooo excited to meet him next Monday.
Wanna hug them all. so chunky & squishy!!

come to mama you big chunky yarns


Ameera is now 2 years Old!!

Belated post on Ameera's birthday..

delayed with some deadlines & abandoned WIP

nothing special though.. she's just keep getting adorable and smarter.


Was born on June 10th 2010

Happy Birthday my dear...
May Allah bless you for all your happy & healthy life

I order a rainbow birthday cake...
on an online shop I found on the internet...

kinda success since we all ate it up till nothing left haha...

just a small group of our dearest family...

singing happy birthday song with several time candle blowing

and of course... prayer to Allah SWT.

with so "very hard to tell " kakak  that no nice picture...
she keep hiding her face... no passion to look pretty on her little sister's birthday party.

well.... that's a 5 years old do!

too bad I forgot to take a picture of the nice lookin rainbow cake after the first cut.
the only slice left is all we have to see...

I  order one 30cm round rainbow cake with a delicious creamcheese... PLAIN

the shop had to ask me twice to make sure..
YES... one plain taart I said
with a design of the cake on my head...

so a while the order arrived, I started to make a sugar icing of number 2.

so whalaa... plain rainbow cake with my simplest design.
Ready to eat...

incase you're wondering
it.s Biteme Rainbow Cake  
blog :

Untill next birthday...!!