Sunday, March 25, 2012

Exploring Baby Jacket

well.... after I'm addicted to crochet, I basically tried everything.
Me & my mother in law tried several pattern beside baby hat.

She's the by-the-book type person, opposite with me the no-pattern type crocheter LOL

but seeing me making everykind of thing, I guess she wanted to make it also. Just like a competition... She made something... I'll follow. I create something, she followed

that time we made a baby jacket when my youngest daughter only 6 months old..

I of course working without pattern.... neither did she, only coz she didnt have crochet book with baby jacket pattern in it. so, she forced herself to made a jacket with long sleeves. And me..?
an easier stuff. baby vest.

I bought very soft & bumpy blue yarns. I even picked a snowy yarn too. But since its very hard to be hooked. I only use it for the collar...
my mother in law choose a cotton yarn. peach & white

here there are...

mine was a basic stich... very simple. back then I dont have the skill & patience for an intermediate stiches.

I'm hoping i'll get other spirit to create a small dress or jacket for my 5 & 2 years old daughters. Ha..ha.... I'll crossed my fingers for it


Friday, March 23, 2012

simplypenny: Crocheting the Ideas

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simplypenny: Mr. and Mrs. Wonky

simplypenny: Mr. and Mrs. Wonky: A friend at the office saw my crochet owl on IG for my girl's birthday present. She asked me to teach her how to crochet... so we spend 3 h...

Mr. and Mrs. Wonky

A friend at the office saw my crochet owl on IG for my girl's birthday present.
She asked me to teach her how to crochet... so we spend 3 hours on the next couple of day to learn crochet.

after that... I kinda curious for amigurumi, and began to try patterns and forms to create any other cute stuff. Of course I choose monsters coz they can be any size, color and forms LOL

so here's my atempt on making a monster family. Harry Wonky & Sally Yarns. They met & fall for each other.

I have this old yarn I bought from a craft store, unfotunately they dont sell it anymore.
it's bumpy & soft  but very easy to form.

Harry & Sally only have one child. ( coz of the left over yarns only enough for one child :p)
So, Meet Toby Wongky

Together they live happily ever after....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It began from a crochet baby hat

My mother in law now age 75, start crocheting since she was a young girl-Back in 1950's.
I never took much attention to it coz I use to think crochet are for grannies LOL...

She use to create cute hat for my youngest daughter when she's a baby. But my mother in law never make any other thing beside hat, hat, hat and hat again. there's now like 20 pieces of it. here are some

with a standar wool yarn which I dont like much.
so.... there it goes, a grandma crocheting hats for her granddaughter.

One day, I couldnt stand to ask her, why dont you create something else than hats? she is kind a regular-non creative person, by the book kind of learning, totally different with me, experimental & explorer. Specially in colors & forms. Hey... I'm an art director & graphic designer. That's what I do & born with.
And I said to her... If I can do crochet, I must've been a good crocheter...
So I took her hook & try the chain.. single chain, double chain... exercising 4-5 rows.
Then it hit me.

I cant stop... I cant Stop.
the first week I went to bed at average 2-3am changing extremely than my routine sleep at 10-11am
I went to a crochet & knit store & bought lots of colorful yarn.

At first I was so confidence to make a baby jacket for my daughter. LOL...
of course that plan blew up ha..ha coz I wanted to create it without pattern.
so snob...
it end up from a plan to made jacket and became a pouch for my iphone....
so wongky & ugly... ^~^

But I tried and I tried... exploring my own pattern & different color of yarn to create lots of pouch and small bag. Never got bored.

untill today, I even create a blog to share it. about crochet & little things in my life.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kalyla is Now 5 years old-Part #2

Like I said before, time flies when you live happy

Kalyla, big girl now! cute & smart as can be.
this screen wouldn't be enough to tell everything about her.
Let the picture speak for itself...

Start from my tummy...

and from the second she come in to this world...
really a change of life.

the first day of her life...

She bring magic to my life.
Her smile, her step, everything about her makes me fall deeply

really make me smile seeing this pictures, travel back in time...
Happy Time

this screen would not fit all her smile too.
quick moment of reminder how I pull my self through raising her with my husband.
made her like she is today

Happy Birthday Kalyla...
Mommy luv you most

Kalyla is now 5 Years Old-Part #1

time fly if we live it happily.

Kalyla is 5 years old today- March 16th 2012.
its just feel like yesterday feeling her inside my tummy.

she's now a cute little girl & of course a big sister of Ameera, my youngest daughter.

Kalyla throw a simple birthday party in her classroom this morning. with 20 of her classmates.
I prepared an angry bird birthday cake and 20 owl brownie cake for every friend in class.

well, cant say its easy to decorate the owl cake all by myself, since my mother-Kalyla's Grandma- is very busy with her catering order.

so for like 7 hours I was covered with chocolate - literally- and sugar icing.
finally at 9pm it's all done, with kalyla & ameera snuggling around my legs asking me to tuck them in.

why owl cake?
i've been inspired with images by everybody on instagram that been crocheting owl figure. so cute that I decided to make one of my own & made it as a birthday gift for kalyla & for the design of the souvenir cake
Glad she like it, coz I finished sewing everything into one untill 2am in the morning zzz.zzz.zzz.....

 not to mentioned the chaos while i'm decorating the birthday cake...
what a good intention  kalyla wanted to help mommy... so I let her stick the label to the top of the plastic box... while i'm decorating with speed- please dont look at the detailed on the cake..

sigh.. I've could've done better if there no two screaming little girl playing around me, adding more accent to the chaotic kitchen. Thanks nek antik... ( grandma) to let me worked and made your lovely neat kitchen such a mess.

Angry Bird cake... she want it for like a while.. and I think, what a great idea to decor it with the toys kalyla have. It was a success. of course all her friends like the cake and hardly cant take those little fingers away from those angry birds haha....

and ameera seem enjoy but quite confuse with all those kindergarten kids... she exploring and experience every little thing happened this morning. imagine....  getting into her big sister classroom? ( of course its not allowed in regular day)

 such fun indeed... pull through all my effort to make my little girl smile. great memory to remember.