Saturday, March 17, 2012

It began from a crochet baby hat

My mother in law now age 75, start crocheting since she was a young girl-Back in 1950's.
I never took much attention to it coz I use to think crochet are for grannies LOL...

She use to create cute hat for my youngest daughter when she's a baby. But my mother in law never make any other thing beside hat, hat, hat and hat again. there's now like 20 pieces of it. here are some

with a standar wool yarn which I dont like much.
so.... there it goes, a grandma crocheting hats for her granddaughter.

One day, I couldnt stand to ask her, why dont you create something else than hats? she is kind a regular-non creative person, by the book kind of learning, totally different with me, experimental & explorer. Specially in colors & forms. Hey... I'm an art director & graphic designer. That's what I do & born with.
And I said to her... If I can do crochet, I must've been a good crocheter...
So I took her hook & try the chain.. single chain, double chain... exercising 4-5 rows.
Then it hit me.

I cant stop... I cant Stop.
the first week I went to bed at average 2-3am changing extremely than my routine sleep at 10-11am
I went to a crochet & knit store & bought lots of colorful yarn.

At first I was so confidence to make a baby jacket for my daughter. LOL...
of course that plan blew up ha..ha coz I wanted to create it without pattern.
so snob...
it end up from a plan to made jacket and became a pouch for my iphone....
so wongky & ugly... ^~^

But I tried and I tried... exploring my own pattern & different color of yarn to create lots of pouch and small bag. Never got bored.

untill today, I even create a blog to share it. about crochet & little things in my life.

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