Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crocheting the Ideas

Fall in love with it & cant stop this!

its not all about the crochet, its the never-ending exploration, color party, brainstorming every desire to create something new... achievement, relaxation, cant mention all million of reasons to love it.

i'm a no-pattern girl. can't read it. japan's pattern, UK, US what ever...
I cant learn from books... I just look & learn. then try it for my self

I never can create two exact thing from crochet. coz I work without counting.
Crazy huh..?!
to a true crocheter it may seem rebellion. it seem un-organize, well..... I cant say a word about it. unless that I love crochet so much

here are some projects i've made after i learn crochet. I like it when its all done, take its picture and creating a corny name for it. ^-^

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