Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My new Yarn from London

Here they are.... !!
New scrummy and pluffy yarn from London


love to see it...love to touch it & very happy to have

it have to fit into a very big box 40x70 cm large!
couldn't fit into my cupboard...

 I bought a very chunky yarns.
Seriously...., really chunky
with view shades of colors
In love with it.

then a soft soft soft merino premium merino wool and really calming pure cotton yarns
they really soft to hug..

 and  then group of happy colors...
bright and shiny mercerise cotton yarns
also big ball of pink shades premium acrylic yarn

sooo happy to see this new yarn

so excited to think what they will end up be??

its lovely just to see them.
soothing view to my eyes...


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