Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ameera is now 2 years Old!!

Belated post on Ameera's birthday..

delayed with some deadlines & abandoned WIP

nothing special though.. she's just keep getting adorable and smarter.


Was born on June 10th 2010

Happy Birthday my dear...
May Allah bless you for all your happy & healthy life

I order a rainbow birthday cake...
on an online shop I found on the internet...

kinda success since we all ate it up till nothing left haha...

just a small group of our dearest family...

singing happy birthday song with several time candle blowing

and of course... prayer to Allah SWT.

with so "very hard to tell " kakak  that no nice picture...
she keep hiding her face... no passion to look pretty on her little sister's birthday party.

well.... that's a 5 years old do!

too bad I forgot to take a picture of the nice lookin rainbow cake after the first cut.
the only slice left is all we have to see...

I  order one 30cm round rainbow cake with a delicious creamcheese... PLAIN

the shop had to ask me twice to make sure..
YES... one plain taart I said
with a design of the cake on my head...

so a while the order arrived, I started to make a sugar icing of number 2.

so whalaa... plain rainbow cake with my simplest design.
Ready to eat...

incase you're wondering
it.s Biteme Rainbow Cake  
blog :

Untill next birthday...!!

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