Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time Flies When You're Busy

Oh my God, Oh My God....!

how I really missed to write my story
Time is really priceless if you had so much to do.

I'm so handful with my 2 angels..
Kalyla and Ameera

not to mention my deadlines as a graphic designer..
oh, and my managerial duty of my husband photography studio hahaha....

and for the last 3 month I've been working on crochet project with my best friend..

Very exciting!
He's opening a furniture gallery and trust me to create crochet products as his store accessories department..

And here are the first trial and error design..
quite a start for exploring the yarns, shape and everything..

and crochet management indeed an important element
because crocheting a dozen cushion for one design is quite tricky

I've 6 crocheter, housewives that doing all the crochet after I made one sample.
and then on to the sewing process for the lining and labelling.. etc

Business is less fun than the crochet itself..

but, the part when I'm exploring new design is everything...!!
specially when my client approved it :D

I'll catch up with the first batch of the production
and will trying my best to post all the pattern too
(*finger crossed)

warm hugs

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