Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Batch! Improvement Needed

Crochet as hobby and crochet as industry
are two very different things

Specially like me a crochet as you go type
so, making one sample and to teach another to do exactly the same
is quite stressful.
I found that different person are very different handling

The word "Handmade" now is so powerful in my mind..

Because at the beginnign even literally holding the hook are different from each other..
Not to mention Gauge  oooh!   so much tricky than creating the design

Here are rough trial before sewing process

I'm still learning by doing to create design that of course has to be interesting
but easy to make in the same time
since its impossible for me to make every piece of the products

Not to mention yarn hunting
buying for your personal favorite is limitless and priceless

but for industry??
ah, so hard to combine quality and affordable price

well, still doing this because the word crochet is still involve

so, I'm learning to find the fun in crochet industry...
guess if there still yarn and hook in it
I'll fall in love all over again...


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