Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy for Hooks

ever since I got addicted to crochet,
I always seeking for some supplies to fulfill my aesthetic satisfaction...
yarn, hooks, scissors even needles
If I can find every items in color, I'll pursue them LOL

These stainless steel hooks are the best, technically.
great with every type of yarn, solid & smooth hooking...
unfortunately they comes only in small size, and one color only.....

I'm a very impatient person, of course loving big yarns because they finished faster than thin yarns.

So, I started to hunt for bigger hook for my thick yarns ..

I love colors so much
that I look for the hook with colors, without considering the quality..
After a while on hunting online store, I decide to buy very bright set of hooks..
with I thought cheap price, I ordered 12 hook set with bright colors. made from aluminium.

very nice to look huh?
sadly they didnt really comfortable to use.
the aluminium hooks didnt yarn-friendly after all.
very lightweight I find it hard to pull through with local yarn.
slow me down alot in making my stitches

So, I search for more....

spending much attention on
There are a lot of customize hook, spread all around the world with time about 40-50days shipping.
quite expensive too, considering they are custom & located in halfway around the globe.

So the decision finally went to my favorite yarn shop... Miki Moko
there are view imported fancy hook sets...
I always peek them up in the shelf every time  I went there. Just adoring them

so beautiful from many different brand with randomly expensive price.
Back then I don't think it wise to buy some hooks only for the sake of soul satisfaction...

But Hell I did it after all....

I choose  japan brand with silicon grip. very comfortable to use.. Hamanaka
comes in 10 size & colors!!!
I love them so much I even afraid to use it.

so that's the story of my stacking up hooks.
I love every stick of it all...

I think I may will buy another set of hooks in the future..
I don't know...
As long I still hunger for aesthetic, think I'll pursue for more...

until what I think its enough...
But for sure, now its not enough yet.

These are my priceless treasure for the Me Time


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