Wednesday, May 9, 2012

baby Shoes Fever

I dont know how it started...

I'm addicted on making baby hats & baby shoes

I think when I try to make a gift set of hat & shoes for kalyla's teacher that was delivered her baby boy last month

since then I was like crazy making every shoes I can think of...

and getting worse, with lots of baby coming up in the next 3 months,
3 baby girl in june, 2 baby boy in july..

ooohh.... lots of chances to create other form & of course lots of colorful yarn..

I'm so thrilled...

Lots of trial & error

Lots of yarn type... Lots of going to the shop ^_^

with lots of my friends & colleages is now pregnant, I'm planning on going to make these adorable small size shoes & hats.

sooo fit me!  the easily bored person haha

Love these project... so cute & fast tobe finished
while my granny blanket are in storage box now..

well, maybe next month I'll get blanket fever, who knows?

after all...
every exploration & every changes of colors keeps me in the good mood...

Lets make some more....!!


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