Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crazy for Yarns

For the reason of exploring and learning about yarn fibre...
I started to browse for online yarn shops that ships worldwide

and of course for the reason of trying to meet the demand of ikhsan's offer in the future

it began on last couple of weeks.

I found 4 online shop which have really amazing yarn collection.

both are in England

and the webs yarn in USA :

Last but not least : my favorite , located in istanbul-turkey

what an exciting experience! having those yarns on your palm, after they're arrive from such a long distance. the view in my monitor screen are came alive

so very beautiful...!
since the local yarns are on average look.
and of course the price are killing me if buying imported yarns on local store

so, if I have to spend more why don't try to shop online world wide??
so the last 10 ten days i've been craving for beautiful yarns from teh cheapest to the luxury type & price

two of my order was arrived quite fast.
yarn paradise with DHL service really kept their tagline 'ship worldwide in 2 days'
Cant believe it!! I live so far away from turkey
GSC textile are making distance issues dissapeared

I'm going mad!!

my stash are getting bigger and bigger. and like usual addiction it cannot stopped.
I'm officially crazy for yarns

danielle,  from a stash addict sent my order in 10 days...
her hand dyed yarns are exceptionally beeautiful.. Love it so muuch
just like having art creations...

I'm expecting another 3 orders that are on their way to me

we'll see it soon with excitement


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